Our Cleaning Process

Ampower begins each job by auto-scrubbing the structure. Auto-scrubbing removes significantly more oil and debris than steam cleaning alone by distributing a cleaning solution as it is applying 500 pounds of pressure. Not only does this produce a cleaner structure, but it prevents more oil from entering storm drains.

Next, our pressure washer and/or steam cleaners use water heated to 325 degrees to clean the surface areas.  Using up to 5000 PSI of our cleaners we effectively remove a substantial amount of gum and debris. No water from our cleaning process will enter your parking structure's drains; eliminating run off and saving your company from costly fines issued the State and Federal Government. In order to accomplish this, we utilize a water clarifying system.

Ampower has improved the standard industry water clarifying system by increasing its efficiency and volume capacity.  This enables Ampower to do larger jobs in less time. The water created by the auto scrubbing and steam cleaning process is cycled through the water clarifier which removes the oil, sludge and debris, creating "grey water".  This grey water is reused during the rest of the cleaning process.

Sludge, the mix of oil and dirt made during the cleaning process, is placed into an approved Hazardous Waste Drum. An authorized Waste transporter picks up each drum from the site. A manifest is presented to the structure's owner or authorized representative. A copy of the manifest is sent to the EPA verifying that the waste has been legally picked up and disposed of properly. The State matches all copies of the manifest to verify that legal steps were taken to dispose of the sludge. A final copy of the manifest is sent to the owner of the structure. This relieves the property owner of any and all liability for the collected waste.