Ampower Cares about the Environment


Ampower feels an obligation to preserve California's beaches, streams and forests for future generations. In fact, Ampower has been in the forefront of providing environmentally responsible ways of cleaning and maintaining structures since its inception--from degreasers to water re-usage. Ampower understands the adverse effects of polluted water from run off that is allowed to enter our storm drains; we are committed to providing pressure washing and auto scrubbing that doesn't allow hazardous waste to enter your drains. During our cleaning process, water is vacuumed up, recycled and re-used until the job is completed. This uses less water overall saving natural resources as well as money. "Grey water" left over can safely be used as irrigation in green areas of most cities.

Ampower works in conjunction with Asbury Environmental and Safety Kleen to provide safe, legal and cost-effective ways of disposing of the oil and dirt created from the cleaning process. Together, we have studied the local, state and federal regulations and performed extensive testing to find a process that would be compliant with all three entities.

Many cleaning companies offer you lower prices for cleaning, but neglect to tell you that they are illegally allowing oil to enter your storm drains, or they are not removing hazardous materials properly. Be aware, that in many states, the owner of the property is the legal owner of the wastewater produced at their property. The property owner and vendor can face expensive fines if a cleaning company allows discharge to enter the storm sewer.

Allow Ampower to create an overall environmental plan to clean your structure legally.